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Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

We offer unfinished hardwood flooring in a number of species, widths, and grades. By carrying quality hardwood boards, it not only adds beauty to your floor, but it will make the installation easier.  Why?  The boards you buy from Northcoast Hardwood are straight! Period.  No warped boards.  Moreover, our boards do not have unseemly knots.

Unfinished hardwood floors give you the ultimate flexibility in finishing color match by putting you in control.

2-1/4" Red and White Oak are in stock at all times. Contact us for current inventory.

We work with many mills to provide quality unfinished hardwood flooring.

We can order any grade or species desired.


Northern White Oak

Northern White Oak is ideal for customer staining because of its consistent neutral color and grain.

Northern Ash

Being one of the hardest of the northern hardwood species, Northern Ash has an abundance of color variation and a pronounced, rich grain.

Northern Red Oak

Northern Red Oak has the most consistent warm color and tightest grain of the species. This is one of the most popular species for home and office floors.


Hickory flooring is full of rich color variations and prominent brown lines.

Northern Hard Maple

Maple provides and clean, contemporary look. Maple has a dense grain pattern and rich consistent color.

Peshtigo River Cherry

This is the Cherry for high traffic areas. It has the rich patina of Cherry and the durability of Maple. The clear boards have natural mineral coloration resembling American Cherry but are more subdued.

Red Birch

Red Birch provides a dramatic look with its deep rich color and closed grain.

Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch is a closed-grained wood with even-textured cream or light brown hardwood with lustrous brown flecks and warm undertones. This species is similar to Maple in grain but with more color.

American Cherry

American Cherry is a light, reddish-brown hardwood with a satiny fine grain that ages to a rich patina.

Australian Cypress

From the dry country of New South Wales and Southern Queensland in Eastern Australia, Hard Cypress is a unique character filled softwood with a hardness that exceeds Red Oak. It has a warm straw/honey-colored wood with darker heartwood.  Cypress contains numerous knots which are characteristic of this species. Use wherever a warm country look is desired.  Australian Hard Cypress is ideal for commercial and residential applications.

Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry's brownish-red color and remarkable hardness make it an extremely popular and appealing wood.  It has a striking, reddish colored wood with varied character. Exceedingly hard, this flooring is ideal for both residential and commercial applications where a dramatic bold look is desired.

Origin: South America


Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian Walnut is the most durable hardwood in our collection...and one of the most durable and beautiful woods in the world. Its blend of brown colors has made this wood the choice of some of the most famous homeowners in the world.  It is a deep dark brown colored wood with exceptionally fine graining. Exceedingly hard, this flooring is ideal for both residential and commercial applications where a rich, distinctive look is desired.

Origin: South America

Santos Mahogany

Santos Mahogany has no rival among any other mahogany-type wood. Its gorgeous reddish-brown tones and remarkable endurance make this species very popular. It is a beautiful mahogany colored wood with exceedingly fine graining. Exceptionally hard, this flooring is ideal for both residential and commercial applications where the stunning rich classic look of Mahogany is desired.

Origin: South America

Southern Chestnut/ Cumaru

Southern Chestnut is an exceptionally hard wood with fine graining which is very popular in Europe. Our selection offers a relatively uniform color range in a tan/light brown tone. This flooring is ideally suited for both residential and commercial applications where a rich formal look is desired.

Origin: Central America

Aacer Flooring

The high quality of wood flooring that Aacer offers is used in their residential, commercial, and sports floor lines. Many contractors have commented on how easy it is to install.  For a complete list of floor offerings, please click on the Aacer link.