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Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Northcoast Hardwood prides itself on finding the best prefinished flooring available.  All of our products have an outstanding warranty. We commend these US mills on their commitment to quality and service.


Owens Prefinished Plankfloor UltraViolet factory finishes are enhanced with aluminum oxide, which means the finishes are longer lasting and more durable than traditional coatings that are applied after installation.  They are also made with a microbevel for an almost seamless installation.  Owens flooring is offered in a variety of colors, species, and widths.  This is the best choice if you are wanting to install wood flooring over concrete.Owens


Produced in an environmentally friendly facility in WI, Aacer Prefinished Residential and Sports flooring offers a variety of quality species, colors, and widths.  All are rich in color and tight on grain.Aacer

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