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Pacific Steamex Buffer

Pacific Buffer and Burnisher

SeaRay 175 / SeaRay 170 Single Speed Floor Buffer

Pacific's 17" single speed SeaRay models have a steel epoxy-coated frame, 175 rpm pad speed, aluminum switch box, bumper guard, steel handle with cord wrap and 50-ft. safety yellow power cord. The 175 model has a 1.5 hp motor with triple planetary gear box. The 170 model has a 1 hp motor with dual planetary gear box. UL Approved.


Pacific 20 inch  Burnisher 1500

To get the high-gloss floor that will be noticed, choose the Pacific Burnisher!  It produces 1500 rpm and speeds of 7,850 ft/min.  The carbon brush wear indicator lets you know to service the unit.


What is the difference between a floor burnisher and a floor buffer? 

A floor burnisher is used to buff, polish, and shine a floor.  It moves slowly back and forth over the floor.

A floor buffer is used to strip, clean, and shine a floor.  It is hand operated and the user applies light pressure on the handles. The buffer is moved in different directions. 

You need to use the appropriate pads for either a floor burnisher or floor buffer.