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Norton Abrasives

Northcoast Hardwood carries a variety of Norton discs, belts, and screens in a wide variety of sizes and grits, including the Norton Sand Dollar discs.

Discs are 5 in. and 7 in. from 36 to 100 grit.

Norton Discs reputation include:

1.     Use of multiple layers of surface blending

2.     Use for good texture for finish to adhere

3.     Use for aiding dust removal between coats

4.     Use to almost eliminate the chance of penetrating deep into the finish

5.     Use for long life of the disc itself: 1,500 ft./pad

All equal lower total sanding costs!

Norton 16 in. Sand Dollar discs are in stock:

Blue = Coarse

Red = Medium

Yellow = Fine

Green = Very Fine

If there is something in particular you need, you can click on the following link to the Norton website or please call us for to special order.