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LAGLER & Hummel Floor Sanders

LAGLER floor sanding machine's reliability, ease of maintenance and long-life bring a high return for the initial investment.  Sophisticated technology guarantees fast, high-quality, high-value and environment-friendly finishing of wooden flooring.


The best-known floor sanding machine in the world. The first system to use and endless belt. Ideal for working on both small and large areas.

Complete with:

(1)-tool bag, (1)-dust bag, (1)-cable support, (1)-protective mask, (1)-extension cable 3 x 2.5qmm, 10 m long.


Super-performance sanding machine with 12" sanding width. Designed for rational working of large areas in public buildings and institutions and therefore ideal for sanding parquet, batten floors and wood block-pavings in schools, gymnasiums and commercial buildings.

Complete with:

(1)-tool bag, (1)-dust bag, (1)-cable support, (1)-protective
mask, (1)-safety belt, (1)-extension cable 5 x 1.5 qmm,
10 m long.

Unico / Edge Sanding Machine

The LÄGLER UNICO is the ideal sanding machine for sanding all edge areas without shoulders: With individually adjustable guide handle, and optimally positioned handle in the area of the sanding disc. Available with three attachment lengths and capable of use with conventional sanding paper as well as Velcro type sanding discs.

Ideal for perfect blending work in all edge or border areas.

Elan / Stair, Edge & Corner Sanding Machine

A light, all-round machine for working on borders, edges and wooden stairs. Particularly popular with professionals and rental companies because of its universal adaptability.

Complete with:

(1)-combination wrench,  (1)-dust bag,  (1)-dust bag clamp,  (1)-protective mask,  (1) extension cable 3 x 1.5 qmm, 10 m long.

Trio / Three Disk Sander

The LÄGLER TRIO is the special all-round sander for the practice-oriented user in professional floor finishing and renovation of unfinished and prefinished wooden floors. A powerful motor for tireless efficiency and modern, lightweight materials for mobile utilization are combined to form a unique concept with the emphasis on design.

If you are interested in additional LÄGLER floor sanding machines and equipment, please call us at 440-546-7290 or click on the Lagler link below to visit their website.