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3-M Abrasives

Producing the highest-quality results with the least amount of effort requires a specific, well-defined sequence of steps.  That is why floor sanding professionals put so much trust in 3M products.  They know that 3M understands their business and has developed highly specialized products to address the exact needs of every step in the process.

Product - 3M


Regalite Belts  

Features sharp, long-lasting Cubiron mineral. Belt has a heat-resistant, extra-durable, tear-resistant cloth backing. The non-directional splice allows belt to be run in both directions, maximizing its life. 3M Sine-Lok Splice reduces chatter, resulting in a smoother, flatter, more professional finish.  



Tri-M-ite Belts  

Sharp, synthetic abrasive with durable cloth backing. Recommended for removing hard, old finishes, such as shellacs, varnishes and paints.



Resinite Paper Rolls  

Recommended for general drum sanding, especially for removing gummy finishes. Sharp, synthetic mineral coating cuts fast. The tough paper backing can easily be cut to sizes needed.  



Regalite Paper Discs 7-inch

Each specially engineered grit provides a consistent, uniform cut throughout its life. Regalite discs save time and are available in an optimal size and grade range.  



Resinite Discs

Large selection of sizes and grits. Available in edgers and larger rotary machines. Sharp mineral coating and smooth paper backing is tough and long lasting.  



Sanding Screens  

Consistent, open-mesh construction reduces loading and the better cut reduces sanding time. Sizes fit most edger and rotary floor sanding machines.  



Scotch-Brite Between Coats Pads  

Reduces swirl marks and is effective on both water-based and solvent-based finishes. Reduces grain raise.  



Scotch-Brite Driver Pad  

Use as a backup pad on a buffer when driving a sanding screen or Duplex Double Sided Sanding Disc. Improves transfer force for a fast, more even cut and less slippage.  



White Super Polish Pad 4100  

Use to clean wood floors. Quickly cleans and removes scuff marks.  



Red Buffer Pad 5100  

Maintains consistent high performance throughout its life.  



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