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Basic Coatings

 we offer Basic Coatings hardwood floor finishes. Basic Coatings floor finishes offers a complete line of quality wood floor finishes for commercial, sports, and residential wood floors. The finishes provide the wood floor professionals the flexibility needed to do the best job possible in all environments. This combination of Basic Coatings floor finishes at the best prices helps make every job a profitable one.

Additional Features:

  • Easy to apply
  • Light traffic in 24 Hours


Specifically formulated for heavy traffic, wear-and-tear of commercial and residential use.  Sheens are Gloss,  Semi-Gloss,  Satin, and Super-Matte.

Commercial Catalyzed Sealer:

Catalyzed water-based sealer for use in high-wear and commercial locations.  Top with StreetShoe or other Basic water based finishes.


An oil modified, water-based finish.  Provides an amber, oil look.  Easy application with exceptional flow and leveling.  Sheens available are Gloss,  Semi-Gloss, and Satin


A  sand less, re-coating system that illuminates the screening process.  Tykote system involves a cleaning process, followed by the application of TyKote and a Basic Coatings water-based topcoat.

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